Janin Walter 🇩🇪

Janin Walter

Mixed media on canvas

50 x 70 cm

Janin Walter

Acrylic on paper

40 x 52 cm

Janin Walter

Mixed media on canvas

137 x 160 cm

Janin Walter

Acrylic on canvas paper

36 x 48 cm

About the artist

Janin Walter developed her interest for spaces when studying architecture at TU Berlin. After graduating in 2004, she worked for several years as an urban designer in Holland and Switzerland, using artistic methods to visu- alise spaces and designs. Between 2007-2009, she studied space strategies at the School of Art, Weißensee. Alongside her course, Janin worked for well-known artists including Olafur Eliasson, Jorinde Voigt and Jeppe Hein. Upon completing her studies, she became an assistant professor at the Department of Fine Arts / Institute of Architecture at TU Berlin from 2010-2015, which included a stint as a visiting professor at RISEBA in Riga, Latvia teaching artistic methods in planning. Janin lives and works in Berlin, Germany, but her art enjoys a world- wide reach due to an active exhibition and artist in residence schedule. She has exhibited her artworks in many solo and group exhibitions in Europe, Asia, USA and the Middle East. Recent shows include events in Genoa and Milan, Italy, Athens, Greece and Berlin, Germany. Janin has received several grants to participate in artist

in residence programs around the world, including opportunities in Guangzhou, China (2010 and 2011), Hong Kong (2012), Riga, Latvia (2013) and Muscat, Oman (2017). An active member of Berlin’s creative community, Janin is part of the collective art space STUDIO BAUSTELLE (www.studiobaustelle.org). They curate six to eight art exhibitions per year and participate in citywide festivals such as 48 hours Neukölln or B-LA Connect. Since 2018 she has participated in the research project ‘Re-figuring Spaces’, which includes 15 subprojects from four German universities. The sub-project ‚Space Migration and Tourism’ is the only art project in this context, and will be shown in a public exhibition in April 2021.


Coming from the field of architecture and urban design, the artist uses several media to research on spaces. Spaces are effecting humans. – Humans perceive spaces.

Narrow street-spaces, wide spaces like an ocean, a meadow or a forest, spaces created by friends, workspaces etc. make us feel in a certain way. On one had : All kind of spaces have a certain atmosphere because of their appearance. On the other hand: Individuals have different experiences stored in their memory system and there- fore perceive those spaces differently.

Her current artistic research is about the appearance of external spaces and the impact they are having on in- ternal processes. The artist uses her body as part of an experiment. Janin Walter exposes herself to different spaces to be effected of their atmosphere and uses meditation to connect to her intuition. This gives her the op- portunity to paint out of her intuition and transform the impact of those spaces on her body into paintings.She is working on several pictures at the same time. Every day for weeks, sometimes months, after each meditation a new layer is applied to the paintings.

This intuitive painting process is a criticism of the rationally driven society, in which every decision has to be made analytically. In her artistic process, the artist follows feelings rather than analytical decisions. The whole painting process includes the everyday challenge to trust rather than to control the process.