Lubomir Typlt 🇨🇿

Lubomir Typlt

Oil on canvas

160 x 130 cm

Lubomir Typlt

Oil on canvas

240 x 180 cm

Lubomir Typlt

Oil on canvas

180 x 240 cm

Lubomir Typlt

Oil on canvas

200 x 145 cm

Lubomir Typlt

Oil on canvas

145 x 200 cm

Lubomir Typlt

Oil on canvas

260 x 200 cm

Lubomir Typlt


Lubomir Typlt, 1975

I am a figurative painter from the Czech Republic.
In my paintings, I am dealing with the psychology of characters, which are often shown during mysterious activities. The situations they are placed in seem slightly surreal, dadaistic, or even absurd. I leave it to the viewer to decode the meaning and find an individual interpretation.

I use an expressive scale of primary colors. Thus my paintings are also known for their typical luminosity.

Next to studying painting in my home country, the Czech Republic, I am a graduate of the painting classes of Markus LĂĽpertz and A.R. Penck at Kunstakademie DĂĽsseldorf in Germany.

Since 2011 I paint in my studio, an old pub in a small village near Prague.



Lubomír Typlt is born in the north Bohemian town of Nová Paka in today’s Czech Republic


Attends the Václav Hollar Secondary School of Art in Prague


Studies illustration under Prof. Jiří Šalamoun at the Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague (UMPRUM)


Studies painting under Prof. Jiří Načeradský at Brno University of Technology’s Faculty of Fine Arts


Studies painting under Prof. Markus LĂĽpertz at the

Kunstakademie DĂĽsseldorf


Continues his study of painting at the Kunstakademie DĂĽsseldorf under Prof. Gerhard Merz


Switches to the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf’s painting course led by Prof. A. R. Penck


Completes his studies at the Kunstakademie DĂĽsseldorf

as a MeisterschĂĽler (master student) of Prof. A. R. Penck


Receives his Akademiebrief (academic letter) from the

Kunstakademie DĂĽsseldorf


LubomĂ­r Typlt lives and works in Berlin and Prague

Since 2011,

LubomĂ­r Typlt has been creating his paintings in his studio in PiÄŤĂ­n, located roughly forty kilometres south-west of Prague