Virginia L. van Gaalen 🇦🇺

Virginia Lea van Gaalen

Acrylic paint, pencil and ink on canvas
100 x 80 cm

Virginia Lea van Gaalen

Acrylic paint, pencil and ink on canvas
100 x 80 cm

Virginia Lea van Gaalen

Acrylic and pencil on canvas
90 x 90 cm

Virginia Lea van Gaalen

Acrylic, pencil and ink on canvas
100 x 80 cm

Virginia Lea van Gaalen

Acrylic paint on canvas
100 x 80 cm

Virginia Lea van Gaalen

Acrylic paint and pencil on canvas
120 x 90 cm


Virginia van Gaalen has been a full time artist for the last 3 years.

Born in Australia in northern NSW and studying Visual Arts and Photography at Charles Sturt University.

She has been living internationally for the last 15 years and has been working as an Educator for most of this time. Virginia has lived in 7 different countries, mostly across Asia, however the recent paintings are of Romania in Eastern Europe.

She is influenced by her travels, experiences and cultures that she is immersed in and enjoys interpreting her ideas in different media and often plays with different processes within her themes.

Virginia has exhibited in Australia, Philippines and in Malaysia.


As someone who lives internationally my artwork is influenced by the country in which I live.

I immerse myself in the environment, walking, taking photos, collecting things, drawing before I begin. I call this my ‘incubation period’. I seek an emotional and metaphysical attachment to my surroundings and I like to find it’s nuances. Each country is unique and I create work in a way that I think best represents. Sometimes I work in other media when documenting,exploring different ideas.

Most are only short lived as we have continued upon our journey. however it’s a pulse I’m after, sometimes it’s very faint and I only have it for a short time. Nonetheless I try to capture the subtle nuances, I endeavour to capture the spirit or essence of life around me; connecting or transporting my audience to a moment, time or place.

“My recent paintings have been inspired by the Romaninan landscape. I first started painting Romanian landscapes in March, during lockdown. Local environments such as lakes, forests and the Carpathians, are a relief from the current human condition and have been a source of respite for me.

Working with this, I respond to the environment using gestural lines and textures to create energy and movement that reflects these times and yet gives a sense of peace and tranquility. They are an emotional and metaphorical response to my environment as I try to capture the essence of where I am, in a particular moment”.

Artist CV

2021 – All Cityscape Art Competition, Contemporary Art Gallery Online – Finalist

2020 – Landscape Competition, Greycube Gallery Online – Finalist

2019 – Chinese Shophouses, Bandar Warisan, Malaysia – Solo Exhibition (Timeout Magazine Top 10)

2018 – Cityscapes Art Exhibition – Special Recognition Category for Exceptional Art

2018 – Curiosity Art Show, Philippines

2017 – Revealed Art Show, Philippines

2011 – Charity Art Auction, Shanghai

2006 – Lucie Foundation (IPL) – Photography, Honorable Mention

2005 – Candlestick Café, Solo Exhibition, Australia

1998 – Charity Exhibition, Apple Tree Creek, Australia

1997 – Postcards Exhibition, Childers, Australia

1993 – Within Time, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery, Australia

1992 – Student Voice, Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, Australia